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Important facts

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Amor Boutique Hotel is ideally located in a beautiful tropical ecosystem between the ocean and the jungle, and we are fortunate to share our home with several indigenous animals.

The beautiful animals mentioned above are called badgers. They are harmless unless you corner them. They have an excellent sense of smell and all they want is food. It is extremely important if you have any food in your villa, please place it in the refrigerator or in tightly sealed cabinets before retiring for the night. Please do not feed the badgers and be careful not to leave any food outside.


Please note that you may also see small lizards scurrying on your walls making a wonderful kissing-like sound, hence the name, “Amor” Boutique Hotel. Well not exactly. Our little lizards are indigenous to the area and are also harmless and feed on insects.


With the arrival of the rainy season, which occurs approximately from July to early October, crabs leave their nests in the areas where they live, with the sole purpose of reproducing, however, for these crustaceans, this natural activity often represents the end of their lives. It will be very common to find them in corridors or stairways, even inside rooms. They are harmless, take care of them and if you see them just turn them around.


Enjoy our unique ecological environment and experience the ocean and the amazing jungle areas. You may even see an iguana or two during your stay!