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Elope in Sayulita at Amor Boutique Hotel

Elope to Sayulita

You’re engaged! Best wishes, hurray, let’s celebrate! Now what?


If you’re like anyone else, your wedding planning to do list looks a little like this:

  • Find location
  • Guest list. Guest lists. Who to invite? Who’s on the A list? B list? C?
  • Find caterer
  • Find florist
  • Where will everyone sleep and stay?
  • What about music?
  • What about Uncle Mike? And Aunt Betty?
  • How about a destination wedding?
  • Do we invite kids?
  • How much will this all cost?!?

Elope in Sayulita at Amor Boutique Hotel

While some spouses-to-be enjoy the elaborate wedding process, we’ve also worked with several who find it stressful and exhausting. They turn to us for options.

Elope in Sayulita at Amor Boutique Hotel

Is that you? Are you looking to simplify your wedding plans? Have you decided that your big day will be just you and your best friend?

Elope in Sayulita at Amor Boutique Hotel

If so, have we got something we know you’ll love! Amor Boutique Hotel now offers Elope to Sayulita.

Elope in Sayulita at Amor Boutique HotelWe host your quiet elopement in one of several beautiful locations throughout Sayulita. You’ll stay with us in a luxurious villa and can enjoy surfing, yoga, and other excursions that we plan for you.

Elope in Sayulita at Amor Boutique Hotel

We discreetly document your entire celebration and give you digital memories you can share with Uncle Mike and Aunt Betty.

Elope in Sayulita at Amor Boutique Hotel

For some of our guests, this is exactly the way they want to celebrate their wedding day. Do you?


Please contact us and we’ll be glad to help with your elopement plans! #livethelifeyoulove


  1. Tammy Goudreau and John Worth - December 28, 2016 12:43 pm

    Looking to have a quiet wedding ceremony, just the two of us. No guests. Johns an avid surfer, and myself….we’ll, I’m in dire need of a relaxing holiday. We both like water and the outdoors. Were interested in activities like kayaking, zip-lining, surfing, yoga, hiking etc.

    If you could give us some information on your elopement packages that would be wonderful. Were both Canadian, so will need to know the legal technicalities of getting married in another country.



    • Amor Boutique Hotel - December 29, 2016 6:40 pm

      Hi Tammy! We’re thrilled to hear from you! Someone from our team will be in touch very soon!